The Way Home Sneak Peek: Is Del Catching On to Kat’s Secret? (Exclusive)

Kat’s days of keeping the truth from her mother Del about her time-traveling pastime might be coming to an end in TVLine’s exclusive sneak peek from this Sunday’s The Way Home.

As you’ll recall, Kat recently found her younger brother in the past, but he was in dire straits, having been captured by Cyrus Goodwin’s men. In this week’s episode (airing at 9/8c on Hallmark Channel), Kat gathers medical supplies in the present to take back to 1814 in order to help a wounded Jacob.

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“They beat him. Badly. So I have to go back to him,” Kat declares to her daughter Alice in the above video.

When Alice questions her frantic mother’s own state, Kat exclaims, “No, I am not OK! He could be dying right now, do you understand?!”

Del witnesses the whole, intense exchange through the window until she gets a mysterious call, but it’s unclear just how much she heard of what was said between Kat and Alice.

“Please understand, I have to go,” an emotional Kat says, before taking off. At that moment, Del walks outside and demands to know where Kat is going. Alice tries to cover for her mom, but Del does not appear to be buying it.

In the episode, titled “Somewhere Only We Know,” “as Kat tries to help save Jacob’s life in 1814, Del embarks on a blossoming friendship with Sam while Alice attempts to get to the bottom of what really drove Kat and Del apart all those years ago,” per the official synopsis. “But hidden secrets and emotions threaten to rise to the surface and throw all three of the Landry women off course, as Elliot begins to question how much of Kat’s heart is in 1814.”

Press PLAY above to watch the sneak peek, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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