Wells Adams jokes about eloping with Sarah Hyland due to COVID-19

Wells Adams has joked he and Sarah Hyland will elope if their wedding plans are disrupted once again.
The former ‘The Bachelorette’ contestant and the ‘Modern Family’ star have shelved their plans to tie the knot on several occasions over the last two years due to the coronavirus pandemic but if anything "crazy" happens to affect their big day again this year, they'll simply head to Las Vegas and have a very different ceremony instead.
The 37-year-old television personality told 'Entertainment Tonight': “Listen, we’ve postponed it two years in a row. If something else crazy happens this year, then we’re just going to go to Vegas with powder blue suits and knock it out.”
The former ‘Worst Cooks in America’ contestant is “not sure” if he and his 31-year-old bride-to-be can hold out any longer.
Wells admitted: “I’m not sure if we can wait another year. We’ll see. Who knows what’s going to happen.”
‘The Bachelor in Paradise’ star has been picking up tips from his own big day after attending the weddings of his friends.
He said: “I loved [Ben Higgins] wedding. His wedding was awesome, but he invited way too many people. He had like 400 people there. I don’t even know 400 people, let alone like 400 people.”
However, Wells was more impressed with the amenities at the wedding, such as a dedicated whisky zone.
He said: “One thing he did that I loved is he had a whisky room. It was like a whisky tasting room, which was awesome. But it probably turned into debauchery by the end of the night.”
In September, Wells shared the roller coaster they had been on with their plans to tie the knot.
He said: “"We kind of set up this big wedding. Then, it got postponed. So then, we set it up again. Then, it got postponed. We're kind of so committed that we're like, 'Well, we got to have the big wedding.' And so, it's coming.”
Wells quipped: “We have a lot of rich friends. We want them to give us gifts so, we're going to do it and hopefully it's not going to get postponed again. Fingers crossed."