Wendy Williams is NOT in hospital, says rep

Wendy Williams has not been hospitalised, according to her representative.
The 58-year-old star - who fronted 'The Wendy Williams Show' for over a decade until 2021 when she stepped down due to her ongoing issues with autoimmune condition Graves disease - was said to have checked into a New York facility over a fortnight ago but now a rep for the former shock jock has quashed the rumours and noted she has not even been in the area.
Shawn Zanotti told PageSix: "I can confirm that Wendy Williams is not in the hospital, as reported. I can also confirm she is not in New York, as reported."
Just days ago, a source had claimed that Wendy was in medical care and briefly left the facility before checking back in almost straight away.
The source told The US Sun: "Wendy first went into the hospital about two weeks ago. She was released briefly last weekend, and she went right back in."
A second insider claimed that Wendy's family were aware she had been hospitalised as they insisted she was not in a rehabilitation facility.
The source said: "All I know is she is in the hospital right now, and it's not rehab. I don't know which hospital."
The former radio host had been due to give a talk t an event but cancelled at the last minute, with another insider claiming that her ability to perform had been "rocky at best" as they alleged she had a wavering ability to string a sentence together.
The source said: "There is a video from Wendy that will be played Saturday, apologizing for the late cancellation. Wendy's ability to perform has been rocky at best. She can put together a sentence one day but not the next. There have been serious questions recently about if she will ever get better."