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We're floored — this wildly popular Shark steam mop is down to $60 at Amazon: 'No more buckets to lug around'

The Shark Steam Pocket Mop has nearly 40,000 perfect ratings, thanks to its lightweight feel and strong cleaning power.

Aside from peeling off a sticky label in one fell swoop, there are few things as satisfying as having freshly cleaned floors. And there are few things as frustrating as putting in all the back-breaking work of pushing and pulling a mop around the house and still finding crumbs, pet hair and dust bunnies everywhere. Want an easier time spring cleaning this year? This Amazon deal just might be your salvation: The mean and mighty Shark Steam Pocket Mop is down to $60 (from $90). Yeah, we're gonna need a bigger cart.

With this dirt-buster, your wood floors can look as spotless as the day you first moved in.

$70 at Amazon
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$89 at Staples$91 at Office Depot

We've only seen the price drop lower once so far this year, so our recommendation is to reel this one in while it's over 30% off. And since it relies solely on piping hot water, you'll save money on chemical floor cleaners.

Steam mops use super-heated vaporized water to kill bacteria and dust mites, and this Shark claims to sanitize 99.9% of those germs on your floor. Say goodbye to that sloppy, gloppy, bucket-and-mop combo that spreads bacteria around. From here on out, you'll need only one tool for fresh, clean floors. And since steam alone annihilates all the crud taking up residence in the nooks, crannies and corners of your home, the Shark mop is safe if you have children or pets.

How does it work? Just aim the Shark at the surface in question, activate the steam to loosen up tough grime and swipe. Ta-da! Clean floors. The Shark Steam Pocket Mop has three settings to ensure you dispense the appropriate amount of steam for the mess at hand, and comes with two washable microfiber pads that grip dirt and grime easily. When you're finished cleaning, pop the dirty pad right into the laundry bin and snap on a clean one.

All in all, your deep-cleaning routine is about to get a lot easier — and when cleaning's easier, you do it a lot more often. Translation: Get yourself a Shark and watch clean, shiny floors become the norm, not the exception. That's one household sight that'll never get old.

the purple Shark steam mop being used to clean a wood floor
Wood we lie to you? The Shark steam mop makes any kind of surface shine. (Amazon)

Seeing as the Shark Steam Pocket Mop has nearly 40,000 five-star ratings, you'll be in good company.

"I had bought a more expensive steam cleaner; unfortunately, it was heavy and cumbersome," explained one happy customer. "After purchasing the Shark, I used it immediately and found it more pleasurable to work with. It’s lightweight, the pads stay on and my back does not hurt."

It picks up all sorts of dirt — even lava dust! "This was effortless," shared another shopper. "Our breezes on the island of Hawaii pick up dirt and lava dust ... then there are the two cats, hairballs ... It is challenging, to say the least! Tried out the new Shark steam mop on the bamboo flooring, we were blown away! It was so simple, with stunning results. Shining clean."

"This Shark steam cleaner makes cleaning floors so easy!" exclaimed a third reviewer. "My white tile floors look sparkly clean! And taking the cloth off the head to toss into the washing machine is very convenient. No more mops and buckets to lug around!"

Some reviewers shared this buyer's frustration. "My only complaint is the cord length," they wrote. "I have a combined living room/family room/kitchen, and it's necessary to unplug and move the cord several times to get the whole area. But based on the way this cleans, I can live with the cord length."

Another common sentiment? "I only wish it had an on-and-off switch," said an otherwise content user. "I dislike having to unplug when additional water is needed."

Ready for sparkling clean floors? This Shark gobbles up all the dirt, debris and bacteria with ease. Better that than surfers!

$70 at Amazon
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$89 at Staples$91 at Office Depot

Need a cleaner for your carpet? This viral appliance is a No. 1 bestseller and it's on sale.

This mighty stain-buster took social media by storm a few years ago thanks to its portable size and shocking results. Just fill its tank with water and cleaning solution, plug it in and not only will it target unsightly spots, it'll also help minimize the odors that may accompany them. At under 10 pounds, it's on the lighter side for a deep cleaner, and it's versatile enough to use on carpets and furniture — even car interiors.

"Bought this shortly after getting a white couch and white carpet installed, and boy am I so glad I did," raved one impressed shopper. "So far it has removed dried muddy paw prints, ink, permanent marker, dog poop, dog vomit, dried blood, grease, dried blue oil paint, chocolate and red wine. Every time I think there's no way this could possibly fix this new set-in stain, it wows me every time."

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$99 at Amazon

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