This ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Fail Is So Rough, Pat Sajak Gives Contestant Some Love

Wheel of Fortune” contestant Izzy Santiago wasn’t feeling like a million dollars when he blew a puzzle guess for the chance to win $1 million.

But he did get some sympathy from host Pat Sajak.

In the “Fun & Games” category, Santiago had bought the remaining vowel, and Sajak told him to spin or solve, with Santiago choosing the latter.

Here’s what he faced: _RA_I_G/ _AME_ /FROM A HAT

“Drawing games from a hat,” he said.

“No,” Sajak said before contestant Frankie Theodore correctly guessed, “Drawing names from a hat.”

When the applause quieted, Sajak threw some love Santiago’s way.

“In addition to the regular nervousness you get, now here’s a million dollars and all this stuff,” the soon-to-depart host said.

“I was so nervous,” Santiago admitted.

“Things like that happen,” Sajak said.

Santiago still won $13,550, and the satisfaction that he’s in good company as flubbing is a near sure thing on the game show for its contestants. Former NFL running back Rashad Jennings recently needed to fill in the Q of director Quentin Tarantino’s name to solve a “rhyme time” puzzle on “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune.” He said “P” instead.