Whitney Port visits therapist over mental health fears

Whitney Port sought treatment from a therapist to address her mental health issues.
The 38-year-old reality star sparked the concern of her husband Tim Rosenman earlier this week when she posted a snap of herself in a bikini and he claimed that she was "too thin" but went to see an expert on the advice of a friend and discovered her problems may be down to mental health issues instead.
Speaking on her 'With Whit' podcast, she said: "My best friend, Andrea, was concerned about me, but she didn’t say anything until I said something on my social media. She said 'I’ve been worried about you'. People in my family weren’t technically diagnosed, but I have heard and seen behaviours that exhibit some depression so I feel like that is a little bit innately in me.
"The therapist said there’s being on TV at a young age, your dad passing, your aunt committing suicide, dealing with mom’s depression and sadness since dad passing, multiple miscarriages. There’s a lot of environmental challenges that I think have made me feel the way I feel: just a little bit depressed, just a little bit down."
The former 'Hills' star - who shot to fame when she was in her early 20s - went on to add that her fluctuating weight may not be down to an eating disorder and instead believes it has all been down to having had her confidence eroded over the years.
She said: "I’m like, ‘What is the issue?’ And I think it’s just all these underlying things that have slowly chipped away at some self-confidence, added to a little bit of what is in me [with my family’s history]. And I think that’s what’s affecting my weight, and my food intake, and I feel empowered, because I don’t think that I have an eating disorder, and she didn’t think that I had an eating disorder."