Your Whole Family Will Love Playing The 'Gobble Gobble Race' Thanksgiving Game

thanksgiving games
5 Insane TikTok Games To Play At Thanksgiving @alliegood19/@gettizanderfaminy / TikTok

While your version of Thanksgiving entertainment may be a "walk with your cousins" (*wink, wink, nudge, nudge*), there's nothing like an absolutely ridiculous, internet-inspired group game to bond the whole fam. And no, we're not talking about Monopoly.

The creative minds of TikTok have dreamt up party games that will not only get the whole house involved, but divert your chaos-driven uncle from starting yet another politically-fueled argument at the dinner table. You can thank us later.

You might want to leave Grandma out of this one (unless she's really agile, in which case pop off, meemaw). TikToker AllieGood19 has got *the* family game for you. All it requires is a chair and a partner.

The Gobble Gobble Race Game is more of an individual sport. You'll need a lot of turkey hats (with what looks like balloons stuffed inside), a timer, and prizes. The objective is to knock down all of the turkeys around a kitchen island or table before the timer goes off. If you manage to do so, the prize is yours!

Go on, get your hips moving! This hilarious party game requires a red solo cup with a string and ball attached. You'll have to swing your hips to land the ball into the cup before your teammate gets a shot of their own.

If you're looking for a source of entertainment with minimal effort, this one's for you. Before guests arrive, you'll want to cover the entire table with red solo cups and sporadically hide surprises underneath. They can be anything from a wad of cash to lotto tickets or boozy shooters. Dealer's choice! Everyone takes turns lifting a cup. If you find something underneath, it's yours!

To play Money Scoop you'll need a spatula, blindfold, a platter, and well, money. Don't forget to include a range of bill sizes. The objective is simple: you'll have 15 seconds to scoop as much money as you can while blindfolded. Once the timer stops, you can collect what's left on the platter for your wallet.

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