Why Kate Middleton Had To Politely Decline A Group Of Schoolchildren's Asks For An Autograph

kate middleton declined signing autograph
Why Kate Middleton Declined To Sign An AutographGetty Images

Kate Middleton politely declined a fan's ask for her to sign an autograph on Monday during a surprise visit to the Chelsea Flower Show in London.

The Princess of Wales accompanied 10 elementary schools for the first Children's Picnic, where she navigated numerous exhibits at the famous flower show.

While in the Royal Entomological Society garden with schoolchildren from St. Mary's Church of England Primary School in Islington and Glenbrook Primary School in Brixton, the pupils raved for a souvenir from the Princess and asked her to sign their sketches.

Middleton was reportedly overheard replying: ‘I can't write my name, but I can draw.’

kate middleton declines signing autograph
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She was understood to have drawn a flower for a seven-year-old girl named Ruby, a tree for a different girl, and a plant-surrounded pond for a third.

Probed about why she couldn’t sign, the royal mum-of-three explained: ‘My name's Catherine. I'm not allowed to write my signature, it's just one of those rules.’

As per the Daily Express, royal family members are forbidden from signing autographs to avoid potential forgeries.

During the trip, Middleton also shared a sweet update on her youngest child, son Prince Louis, five.

‘Louis is growing broad beans at school. You put them in a cup and you can see the roots growing. They get big quickly like sunflowers,’ she shared of her son’s experiment.

Middleton was also believed to have responded to one student who asked her about the first thing she’ll do upon becoming Queen.

‘I asked her what's the first thing she is going to do when she becomes Queen and she said she is going to help kids,’ recalled 11-year-old Saron Fikremariam.

kate middleton declines signing autograph
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Before being appointed the Princess of Wales, Middleton who was then widely known as the Duchess of Cambridge, had a sweet response to a royal fan who addressed her and Prince William by their first names.

The encounter occurred during their March 2022 trip to Wales to mark St. David's Day, when the couple stopped by the cheese stand at popular Abergavenny Market.

At the time, Nicky Hurst of Country Fare Wholefoods and Fine Cheeses Hurst accidentally referred to them simply as 'Kate' and 'Will'.

'I wasn't sure what they'd be like and what to call them in terms of their titles,' Hurst later told People. Hurst explained, however, that the royal couple ‘were really relaxed’.

She described them as ‘lovely’, and added: 'They're so down-to-earth, an amazing couple. They will make a fantastic King and Queen — and Prince and Princess of Wales.'

It's royal protocol to refer to Middleton and Prince William as 'your Royal Highness', 'Sir' or 'Ma'am'.

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