Why Paul Walker would be 'so proud' of his daughter if he was alive today

Paul Walker would be "so proud" of his daughter if he were still alive, says his brother Cody.
The 'Fast and the Furious' star was killed in a car crash in November 2013 at the age of 40 and now, almost exactly a decade later, his younger brother has admitted he just wants him to know how 25-year-old model Meadow - who he had with Rebecca Soteros is a "beautiful young woman" pursuing her career.
Cody told People: "I'd want him to know that she has just grown to be such a beautiful young lady. She's pursuing a career that's extremely difficult, but she's finding her own way and she's landing success, and he'd be so proud of her."
Meadow also heads up the Paul Walker Foundation, which works to empower disadvantaged young people and provide them with amenities such as scholarships and strives to raise awareness of global issues such as climate change.
Cody - who has five-year-old daughter Remi, two-year-old son Colt, and seven-month-old Paul with Felicia Knox - went on to reflect that his tragic brother has taught him to appreciate that children grow up fast, as he remembered Paul being "tormented" by having to balance his hectic Hollywood career with being a father.
He said: "What I learned from Paul was how quickly these little things grow up. Paul was tormented by the fact that his daughter was growing up so fast. He was so busy with his career and trying to juggle all of that. He was so proud of her."
Cody also noted that he didn't realise the "impact" his brother had on the world but has met several fans who tell him how Paul had given them "purpose" in life because of his role in the racing franchise.
He ssaid: "You did not realize the impact that you made.
"I meet fans all over the world putting on live car events called FuelFest, and I’ve been told by complete strangers: 'I was in a very dark place. Because of those movies and your brother’s love for cars and the person he was, it gave me a purpose in my life.'