Why replay should be left to umpires, not a manager’s challenge I The Bandwagon

Yahoo Sports MLB writer Hannah Keyser is bandwagoning umpires. Yes, really! Keyser makes the case for relying on umpires to initiate replays in exchange for dropping the ability for managers to challenge calls. Subscribe to The Bandwagon on Apple, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Video transcript


HANNAH KEYSER: I think your most compelling argument about bandwagoning umpires is that they're good at their jobs, which is both the most controversial part, I think, and also I think the most accurate part? Like, they just are. They are good at their jobs in the sense that they are not perfect at their jobs, but no one is perfect at their job.

We say that people are good at their jobs relative to the rest of the human population. Like, you're only supposed to be so good at your job that you are better than most if not all other people, and I believe that they are. And so they are good at their jobs. On the replay front, I kind of think that just the manager challenges thing should go away entirely, and umpires should just decide.

They should just be like, actually that one was really close, we'd like to take a look at it, and it should just happen automatically. Like they should just have-- they already have. They got the people in New York. They're looking at all the screens all the time. The people in New York who are looking at the screens should just be able to buzz the umpires at the game and be like, hey, actually, we think you might have gotten that one wrong.