Why Short Hair and Wispy Bangs Make for a Gorgeous Combo

The power duo you didn't know your hair needed.

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There are some pairings that are just meant to be together. And, when it comes to hair, few duos work quite as well as short hair and wispy bangs. From Michelle Williams to Rihanna, our favorite celebs have been wearing this stunning combo to give off that natural cool-girl effect.

"They work perfectly for short hair and can be used — based on the placement and length — to either soften or sharpen facial features," says Balmain Hair Couture master educator Glennda Rommelaere, "This combo gives an effortless chicness to the hairstyle."

And while short hair stands out on its own, "wispy bangs are better with short hair because it adds a flirty feel," adds Lisa Epperson, stylist at the Fekkai SoHo Salon. "Plus, it looks so flattering when you tie your hair up." With that in mind, if you've been looking for an easy way to elevate your short cut or looking for a fresh style for summer, consider this dream team. Here's how to make the most of it.

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Who Should Try It

First, says Rommelaere, consider whether you want to add depth to your entire hair look, since adding wispy bangs will add dimension to your short hair. This works for most people, but these sorts of layers (not to mention short hair) can be tricky to grow out — so you have to be ready for a commitment.

Next, consider the maintenance. For instance, wispy bangs need daily styling, even if it's minimal. That way, "they won't look too flat," says Epperson, who recommends combing them through with a small-barrel brush. "They need a little bend."

How to Style It

First, prep hair with a styling cream. (Epperson likes the Fekkai Glossing Cream+ to add shine and help fight off frizz.) Then, use a large ceramic brush to blow-dry hair and a small brush to add a bend to your wispy bangs.

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Once your hair is completely dry, Rommelaere recommends spritzing a texture spray like the Balmain Hair Couture Texturizing Volume Spray to give bangs a more feathered look. Then you're good to go.

What to Ask Your Stylist

First, choose your short style of choice, be it a pixie, a bob, or a lob. Next, ask your stylist for a layered bang, says Rommelaere — specifically, one that gets softer near the temples of the face.

For a foolproof plan, Epperson says that you should bring some sort of visual to show your stylist so they have a clear understanding of what you want. "I strongly recommend showing a picture so you’re both on the same page," she says. "You’ll want to make sure they are not cutting too far back to avoid it looking heavy, rather than face-framing."

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