Why trading the NFL draft’s No. 1 pick is a big win for Bears

Yahoo Sports’ Matt Harmon explains why Chicago made the right move dealing away the top selection to Carolina for two first-round picks, two second-round picks and WR DJ Moore.

Video transcript


- We knew the Bears were fishing for offers at the first overall pick. Well, it turns out the Panthers are the one that bit the hook. And they bit that thing pretty hard with a huge trade offer going to Chicago-- two first round picks, a second rounder this year, a future second rounder, and most importantly for our purposes here right now, wide receiver DJ Moore.

Now, I think the first question on the Bears side of it and with the DJ Moore thing here is this going to be Justin Fields' AJ Brown type of trade? We saw what a superstar wide receiver did for Jalen Hurts last year, did for the entire Eagles offense. I think this is about as good a move as they could possibly make at the wide receiver market this year.

DJ Moore is not, in my opinion, at the same level of player, as a guy like AJ Brown. However, there was nobody even close to a number one receiver level on the wide receiver market in free agency. There was no clear logical guy like Brown out there or certainly not a Tyreek Hill, Davante Adams type of trade out there on the market available for the Bears. And even in the draft, I think there might be one top-level, number one type of wide receiver prospect that I can set it and forget it from day one, but the Bears weren't going to be in range to get that guy in the draft anyway. So they get the best guy that they probably possibly could here in DJ Moore.

I love DJ Moore fitting with Justin Fields. I think he's going to be the type of route runner, the guy who can win on the short to intermediate routes that Justin Fields really hasn't worked with so far in his NFL career. And I think you could really easily argue that this is going to be the best quarterback that DJ Moore has been paired with. I think this is pretty good news for him.

On the Carolina side here, they're going all the way up to number one pick. They're obviously going to do it for a franchise quarterback. We don't know who that guy is, but the one thing I'll have now for the Carolina Panthers is, are we just going to be copy-pasting our-- who's Justin Fields' tweets-- you know, who's he throwing to tweets that we've had the last couple of years for whoever this quarterback is in Carolina? That position is in need of a full overhaul, in my opinion, after trading DJ Moore. None of the guys here profile as a clear-cut starter remaining in Carolina.