Wife, daughter of ex-mobster John Gotti Jr. charged with attacking woman at Long Island high school

NEW YORK — The wife and daughter of former mobster John Gotti Jr. are accused of pummeling a woman and tearing off her wig at a Long Island high school basketball game on Thursday.

Kimberly Gotti, 55, and her 23-year-old daughter, Gianna Gotti, were attending an evening matchup between the Oyster Bay and Locust Valley high school boys’ basketball teams, which was being hosted by the latter in Lattingtown, according to NBC News. Gotti Jr.’s son Joseph reportedly plays for Oyster Bay.

A heated in exchange in the stands that occurred shortly after 8 p.m. allegedly prompted a 47-year-old woman to admonish adults who were hurling homophobic and misogynistic slurs at students.

Kimberly Gotti is accused of rushing that woman, punching her and taking the alleged victim’s hat, while Gianna allegedly joined in on the punching, tore at the woman’s hair and later boasted about the beatdown.

The victim reportedly suffered scratches to her face and injuries to her scalp, which she told police felt like it “was going to be ripped off.”

The Gotti women were arrested and spent the night in jail, but pleaded not guilty to third-degree assault, according to NBC News.

A Gotti family lawyer meanwhile claimed Kimberly Gotti was the first person punched in the fracas by the “very belligerent” other woman. He said Gianna only stepped in to help her mother.

John Gotti Jr., who was seen leaving court in Hempstead on Friday alongside his wife and daughter, told CBS News that his family has no plans to press charges.

Gotti Jr. is the son of infamous Gambino crime family boss John Gotti, who died of cancer in prison in 2002. “Junior” ran the crime family while his father was serving his life sentence.

Nassau County Police were unable to provide further information on the case against the Gotti women. They’re due back in court on March 6.