Wild feature in $585 studio exposes dire state of rental crisis

With a rental crisis sweeping many countries, features like this do little to instil confidence in renters.

The rental crisis has exposed a host of bizarre accomodation features from floating beds to outdoor kitchens – but one studio apartment might just take the crown for the weirdest offering yet.

The pricey $585-a-week unit in the upmarket London suburb of Kensington offers shower facilities for its occupants but with a twist.

The studio's shower is located in a very questionable position. Source: Jam Press/ Open Rent

In one small room, the shower is located with the bed, a dining table and a kitchenette.

Remarkable pictures from the studio's listing show the shower nestled next to a tiny kitchen sink without a shower curtain.

While just one bed is shown, the listing says up to four tenants can live there with families allowed.

There is no mention or sign of a toilet from the listing's photos while there is no hob in the kitchen, despite the listing boasting of a "fully-fitted kitchen".

The building's exterior is very appealing, that is until you get inside. Source: Jam Press/ Open Rent

Australia in the midst of concerning rental crisis

London, like Australia's most popular cities, has seen rental prices surge in the past year as a global cost of living crisis punishes renters.

Leo Patterson Ross, the CEO of The Tenants’ Union of NSW, told Yahoo News Australia earlier this year many struggling renters have no choice but to take sub-standard conditions "just to keep a roof over their heads".

Last month NSW appointed its first rental commissioner in a bid to combat skyrocketing rental prices.

Former Homelessness Australia chief executive Trina Jones has vowed to "rebalance the rental market".

Reforms that will be on Ms Jones’ plate as she steps into the role include ending ‘no-grounds’ evictions, improving the protection of renters’ information and privacy, and making it easier for renters to have pets.

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