Woman Goes Viral for Tattoo of Shocking “Saltburn” Graveyard Scene: 'A Beautiful Depiction of Grief' (Exclusive)

A TikTok of Cheyenne Burris' bold ink inspired by the buzzy film has garnered over 2.5 million views — now, she's breaking down the whole process with PEOPLE

<p>Cheyenne Burris/Helena Gifford</p> Cheyenne Burris gets tattoo of graveyard scene from

Cheyenne Burris/Helena Gifford

Cheyenne Burris gets tattoo of graveyard scene from 'Saltburn'

Cheyenne Burris is going viral on TikTok for her latest tattoo — a design of the shocking graveyard scene from the movie Saltburn. (*Warning: Film spoilers ahead.)

In the video, which has 2.5 million views, Burris, 28, films herself getting the black ink on her upper thigh. The tattoo depicts the highly talked about (and controversial) scene of actor Barry Keoghan's character Oliver Quick making love to Felix Catton's (played by Jacob Elordi) grave. "POV: the grave scene really affected you," Burris, who goes by @garbageinfluencer, wrote on the video.

The San Diego, Calif. native, who now lives in Brighton, England, tells PEOPLE exclusively that she had contemplated getting the tattoo ever since seeing the film, which is written and directed by Emerald Fennell, in theaters for the first time. She explains she and her friends often talked about how they should make flash tattoos for the movie's most racy scenes.

<p>Cheyenne Burris/Helena Gifford</p> Cheyenne Burris shows off her new tattoo on her upper thigh

Cheyenne Burris/Helena Gifford

Cheyenne Burris shows off her new tattoo on her upper thigh

Then, after her fourth time watching the film, Burris says she decided to get a permanent tattoo done. So, on Jan. 13, the baker and model went to Good Company Tattoo in Brighton. "It took about an hour to complete, and it’s still healing now," she tells PEOPLE.

<p>Cheyenne Burris/Helena Gifford</p> Helena Gifford shares 'Saltburn' tattoo designs she created

Cheyenne Burris/Helena Gifford

Helena Gifford shares 'Saltburn' tattoo designs she created

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The tattoo artist who created the design, Helena Gifford, is also one of Burris' best friends.

"We had the best time," Burris tells PEOPLE. "I made a Saltburn playlist and we just jammed out. She is insanely talented so all I did was provide my skin for a canvas."

She continues: "I think the grave scene is such a beautiful depiction of grief and romance; loving and missing someone so much that you’re naked in the soil of their grave because that’s the closest you can ever be to them again. There’s something so raw and primal about that, it resonated with me a lot and that’s what inspired me to get it tattooed."

Since posting the TikTok Burris has gotten mixed opinions about the tattoo online. "you did not.," one person wrote on her TikTok.

"I desperately need Barry Keoghan to be aware of this tattoo," another person comments. "This is absolutely wild I kind of love it," someone else continues.

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<p>Cheyenne Burris/Helena Gifford</p> Helena Gifford designed 'Saltburn' tattoo for Cheyenne Burris

Cheyenne Burris/Helena Gifford

Helena Gifford designed 'Saltburn' tattoo for Cheyenne Burris

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But regardless of other people's thoughts, Burris doesn't have any regrets.

"I feel like people’s reactions to my tattoo have kind of been like marmite, similar to Saltburn itself, the girls who get it get it," Burris says. "A lot of people are really upset about it, one man was 'put off his tea and crumpets' when he saw it, one woman would 'expect it coming from someone called Cheyenne,' another said I should be deported."

Those closest to Burris, however, have only offered their support.

"My family and friends have been so supportive, we all find it very funny how mad everyone is about it," she adds. "I’ve also had an outpouring of positive messages, people saying I got the tattoo they were too afraid to get. The feedback’s been very mixed, but I adore the tattoo and what it means to me, so that’s all that really matters."

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