Woman kicked out of shopping centre by security over outfit

The shopping centre in question has since removed the security guard after the woman was unfairly pursued through a Woolworths store.

A shopping centre has been forced to issue an apology after a young Aussie woman was allegedly kicked out for having her stomach exposed, being told by a security guard "that's the law" during an "intimidating" exchange.

Queensland woman Madison Green was attempting to do a grocery shop for her grandmother at Dalby Shoppingworld in the Western Downs region earlier this week when a female security guard asked her to leave due to her outfit. Green captured footage of the ordeal, with the security guard following her through a Woolworths store after confronting her.

Footage captures bizarre exchange

The video appears to show the guard kicking the young shopper out of the centre, claiming that she should've been wearing "a shirt that covers your whole stomach" because "that's the law" — despite no such law existing.

A close up video of Madison Green in the Woolworths store with the security guard behind.
A Queensland woman has recorded a bizarre exchange in which a security officer kicked her out of a shopping centre for having her stomach exposed. Source: 9News

In the video, Green can be heard saying "what's your issue?" to which the security officer replies "I can see your stomach", 9News reported.

"But how come there's a store in here that sells clothing like this but I can't wear it in here?" Green asks, as another woman dressed in a similar outfit walks by.

Shoppers in same outfit seen in background

"So I can't wear a top but this lady can?" Green then says. "I saw her after I saw you and you're a smart ass, so now you can leave," the security guard responds.

Two images of the crop top and shorts Madison was wearing.
The outfit which allegedly led to the disagreement. Source: 9News

The officer can then be seen threatening to call the police on Green as the exchange unravels further.

Green said she was shaken by the encounter and contacted the shopping centre's management immediately after the bizarre exchange.

"I'm a woman and I know for a fact I'm allowed to wear these things," she told 9News."It's 2024 , I don't see any issue with it whatsoever."

Shopping centre weighs in

A spokesperson for Dalby Shoppingworld eventually confirmed Green hadn't broken any of the shopping centre's rules and the security officer in question would no longer patrol the facility.

"Centre management has apologised to the patron and has been in discussion with the contracted security company and requested that they review their procedures to make sure their staff have appropriate training," the spokesperson said.

"This particular security officer involved won't be assigned to Dalby Shoppingworld in future."

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