Woman left bedridden and barely able to speak after drinking protein shake at gym

Marta Pérez suffered a severe allergic reaction after consuming the health drink.

Marta Pérez smiling in front of a mountain before she severed an allergic reaction.
Marta Pérez suffered a severe allergic reaction after drinking a protein shake at her local gym. Source: Jam Press

The family of a woman who was left in a coma after drinking a protein shake at her local gym is seeking help for her recovery. Marta Pérez suffered a severe allergic reaction after consuming the health drink in September 2022. The 19-year-old asked an employee if it contained nuts, as she is allergic to them, but was told it did not.

However, the drink was revealed to contain pistachios and Marta went into anaphylactic shock. The severe reaction led to cardiorespiratory arrest and Marta slipped into a coma for several weeks.

She was admitted to a hospital in Alcoi, Spain, before being transferred to a facility in Valencia. Today, she remains bedridden and unable to speak aside from a few words.

Her parents Juan and Maria — who have also have a 12-year-old child — have since been providing updates on Marta's care on Instagram.

"She listens to you. She says 'mum' a lot, and I have managed to get her to say 'hello' and 'water'," Maria said of her daughter's neuro-rehabilitation treatment.

"With a new study and the gathered data, they were able to tell us, like they did before, that Marta understands everything perfectly and that her brain responds immediately, not slowly.

"It responds immediately to any command and stimulus, but she is not yet capable of executing it."

Marta in a wheelchair and unable to speak with her mum in hospital.
Marta, 19, remains bedridden and is only able to speak a few words. Source: Jam Press

Earlier this week, Marta's family announced it is raising funds for stem cell treatment to assist with her recovery.

"We are all Marta. Her nightmare — and that of her family — began with a protein shake that had hidden pistachio. Marta is allergic to nuts," the social media post states.

"The reaction did not take long to arrive and anaphylactic shock erupted into cardiorespiratory arrest that left Marta in a coma. Since then Marta has fought like never before in her neuro-rehabilitation treatment.

"Financing stem cell treatment is the goal that her parents want to pursue to improve her quality of life. I doubt there is a single family who lives with allergies that does not identify with Marta's plight."

Marta's mum said they hope the stem cell treatment, which involves travelling to Mexico for the "implantation of these stem cells in the bone marrow", will improve the neural connections in her brain.

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