Woman set to marry her mum's friend who is 29 years older

Robert is 29 years older than Kayla. Photo: Caters News

A young woman who is engaged to her mother's friend - 29 years her senior ­– has revealed some of the nasty comments they receive on a regular basis and that she no longer speaks to her mum because of it.

Kayla Pratt, 20, first met future fiancé, Robert Longo Jr, 49, in March 2018 when she was asked by her mother to drop him back home after a friendly get together at her house.

Despite neither of them looking for an age-gap relationship, the pair found themselves falling in love as the drop-offs became more frequent.

"At first, we were just friends and liked the fact we were both very non-judgemental - we weren't even looking for a relationship at this time,” Kayla said.

"But after time we started falling for each other and, when he took me out for my 20th birthday in July, we decided to give dating a go.”

After just five weeks of dating, Robert proposed to Kayla and the couple are set to be married exactly one-year later, on August 2 2019.

"It was a whirlwind from there and we quickly got engaged five weeks later, but I wouldn't change it for the world,” she said.

"Even though we get rude comments, we want people to know that loving someone means so much more than just a number."

The pair became engaged after five weeks. Photo: Caters News

Since starting their relationship, the pair claim some of the rude comments even come from their friends and family.

"We have received a lot of rude comments, mostly from my family and a few other people,” Kayla, from California, said.

"Robert has been called a paedophile and someone told him that I wasn't 'woman enough' for him.

"We have been told our relationship is morally wrong and that there had to be something wrong with him for him to want to be with me.

"Some people are really supportive and some aren’t supportive at all and some people are indifferent to it.”

Despite the negativity, the couple are excited for their future life together - with plans to buy a house and have children of their own.

"Robert has children who are 27 and 29, so older than me, and they are trying to come to terms with our relationship,” Kayla explained.

"I have a one-year-old daughter and Robert has acted as her father her whole life, so she doesn't think anything of it.

"Despite raising my daughter as our child, we plan on having a few more children together biologically.

"Once we get married in August this year, we are going to move into our own house together and then think about the future in terms of kids.

"We are both of legal age and in love, so we believe there's nothing wrong with that."

With reporting by Caters News.

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