Woman has vagina surgery for naked dating show

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A reality TV contestant set to take part in a naked dating show has confessed to having vaginal plastic surgery to prepare.

Contestant Melody Hasse went under the knife before appearing on the popular reality TV series Adam Seeks Eve in Germany.

Melody Hasse will appear on a naked dating show. Photo: RTL

The 23-year-old, who was a contestant on the German version of Idol, opted to shell out for a designer vagina in the months leading up to the series being filmed.

She also had procedures to boost her lips and her bum.

In preparation for her appearance she had vagina surgery. Photo: Australscope

Despite the fact that vaginas come in all shapes and sizes, she admits she was drawn to have the labia surgery after comparing herself to adult videos on the web.

"In all porn or erotic photos they look different than mine," Melody says, adding that she used to be ashamed to take her clothes of because her inner labia were bigger than her outer labia.

The singer also had her lips and bum boosted. Photo: Australscope

However, even though she feels better after the operation, apparently men aren't quite as impressed as she had expected.

But she is happy to have had the procedure, even revealing she "much prefers oral sex now".

In the RTL-TV show Adam Seeks Eve, both celebrities and normal people search for the potential love of their life while naked on a dream island in the South Pacific.

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