Woman's 'clever' $7 Bali hack to avoid common problem – but do you know what it is?

People have said the idea 'could come in handy' for a variety of issues.

An Australian woman's hilarious solution to an annoying, post-tattoo predicament many people face daily has been branded "very clever" and "a great idea".

Writing in the Bali Bogans Facebook group, the traveller shared how after getting a new tattoo — something many Aussies do while overseas, particularly in Bali — people can often be left with hefty hotel bills after getting fresh ink on the sheets.

It's an issue facing not only holidaymakers but anybody with a new tattoo or those hoping to get one. If you're not keen on replacing your bedsheets, or that of a hotel's, this woman's advice might just suit you.

A 'Drynites' application is seen covered in tattoo ink.
One woman's use of 'Drynites' to stop tattoo ink from getting on hotel bedsheets has been branded 'very clever'. Source: Facebook.

"Seeing posts for ruining sheets after tattoos at hotels," the woman said, going on to explain that bills can range between $85-200 Australian dollars for stained sheets. "DryNites caught this from my hubby’s tattoo. $7.00 — no charge."

Now, if you're not a parent, or don't suffer from regular bowel leakages, you might be confused over exactly what DryNites are. Essentially, they're a form of nappy or mattress cover, used to manage bedwetting, mainly in children — but apparently, they're also ideal tattoo covers.

A 'handy' solution to multiple problems

Responding to a picture the woman posted of all the ink caught by the product, people quickly shared their views. "That’s pretty clever," a user said. "We had this issue yesterday when we checked out. Partner slept on pads the tattooist gave him but he moved a lot in his sleep and came off it. They wanted 450,000 Rupiah ($45) for it," said another.

Bali tattoo shop
The woman claims the DryNites is great after getting a tattoo to avoid ink getting on the bed sheets. Source: Google Images/Getty

"Could come in handy if he gets the dreaded Bali belly too," another joked.

The post attracted almost 300 likes and 200 comments. But what do you think? Is this woman's solution ingenious? Or, as others pointed out, could she simply have used cling-wrap or a washable sarong?

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