Woman's shock at airport after buying secondhand suitcase

A mum has warned against buying secondhand suitcases after an incident at the airport threatened to derail her trip overseas.

Zoe Hoyle and her daughter were travelling from England to Turkey when they were stopped by security at Manchester Airport for their bags to be swabbed.

To their surprise, the bag returned a positive test for explosives.

“TAKE NOT: Don’t buy a suitcase from a charity shop,” Ms Hoyle wrote in a TikTok video. “My daughter gets stopped and scanned as the case has evidence of explosive products for making bombs which resulted in a 30 minute search and investigation.”

A security officer pats down Zoe Hoyle's daughter after her suitcase was found to have residue of explosive material.
A security officer pats down Zoe Hoyle's daughter after her suitcase was found to have residue of an explosive material. Source: TikTok

Thankfully, the pair didn’t miss their flight and made it to Istanbul.

Ms Hoyle’s video quickly gained close to 400,000 views, prompting TikTok users to share similar stories in the comments.

“This happened to me with my daughters pram handles!” one wrote.

“I had the same when I used my lad’s old rucksack which he had used to carry fireworks,” another said.

“My hand luggage did. Turns out it was the acrylic from my nails,” a woman revealed.

“My daughter was detained for the same reasons, it worked out to be traces of fertiliser on her body,” another mum wrote.

Others warned Ms Hoyle to always wash a second-hand bag before using it, to which the mum replied she had learned her lesson.

“I was trying to laugh it off but I was worried,” she admitted.

Zoe Hoyle's daughter pulls a suitcase through the airport.
Thankfully the bag (pictured left) didn't stop the pair from making it to Istanbul. Source: TikTok

Man’s incredible find inside used suitcase

It’s not the first time a secondhand suitcase has come with a surprise. One dad in the US got more than he bargained for when he purchased a set of used cases at his local store earlier this month.

When he opened the suitcases at home, he could feel something inside the lining of one of the smaller cases.

"I opened the lining and found $20,000 in Bangladesh currency," he wrote on Facebook.

"Imagine my excitement not knowing what the exchange rate might be.”

Well, it turned out he wasn’t be able to quit his day job. With the current exchange rate, the impressive looking amount of money worked out to be less than US$200.

"But the experience and the adrenaline rush was worth millions," he joked.

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