Woman's unfortunate coincidence with lottery numbers for $7 million draw

The 23-year-old came so close yet was so far from a big lottery win.

An unlucky woman missed out on a £3.6 million ($7 million) lottery win after all her numbers were bizarrely just one away from the winning ones.

Nicole Makrigannis took part in the prize draw which would have landed her £10,000 ($19,300) a month for 30 years.

The makeup artist picked the numbers 3, 12 ,20 ,39 ,44 and 6 in the Set For Life lottery. The balls drawn were 2, 11, 19, 38, 43 and 6, with five of them just one number less than the numbers she had picked.

A screenshot of the numbers online.
Nicole's numbers were agonisingly close. Source: Jam Press/@nicolemakrigannis

Nicole, 23, did her pick for the UK's Set For Life lottery draw last Monday but she was gutted when the draw was made and she noticed her remarkable misfortune.

“Oh my God. Why do bad things always happen to me? It wasn’t in the universe’s plan to let me live my life," she said.

A post of her numbers quickly gained traction online, with many shocked by the coincidence.

Two selfies of Nicole.
The 23-year-old was so close yet so far to winning. Source: Facebook/ Jam Press/@nicolemakrigannis

“The universe is just testing to see how you’ll respond," one person wrote.

“No, this would begin my villain era not going to lie," another said.

“Just the words ‘set for life’ after seeing those numbers would’ve had me rocking back and forth in the corner sobbing," one person claimed.

'Unusual' numbers do happen in the lottery

It comes after lottery officials in Australia stressed in January that "unusual" discoveries with numbers are not impossible. They were responding after a woman discovered four of her seven numbers on her Powerball ticket were the exact same as a ticket she had purchased just days earlier.

Professor of Statistics John Croucher from Macquarie University told Yahoo News that such occurrences aren't as rare as people may think.

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