Who won ‘Survivor’? What to know about the winner of Season 46

After 26 days in Fiji filled with brutal challenges, back-to-back blindsides and an emotional breakdown over Applebee's, Season 46 of "Survivor" has come to an end.

Kenzie Veurink was crowned the sole survivor in Wednesday's finale after receiving the most votes from the jury. The 26-year-old hair salon owner from Michigan came out victorious against Siga members Charlie Davis and Ben Katzman.

The solo remaining member of the Yanu tribe, which broke a record for the most days without earning flint, managed to make it to the end. Despite being perceived a social threat by her fellow castaways, Kenzie managed to be on the right side of most votes, with the exception of the Tiffany Ervin blindside.

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The Mermaid Dragon, a nickname coined by Bhanu Gopal, won the second to last immunity challenge with the help of Liz Wilcox, who previously broke down when she wasn't chosen to go on a reward trip to Applebee's.

However, sleep-deprived underdog Ben took an unexpected win at the final challenge, later forcing Kenzie and Liz to duel in a fire-making competition. Kenzie managed to prevail and light a flame strong enough to burn her rope before Liz, whose wrists were working against her.

Here's what to know about the Mermaid Dragon.

Who won 'Survivor' Season 46?

In a 5-3-0 final jury vote, Kenzie Veurink beat Charlie Davis and Ben Katzman to earn the title of "sole survivor" and a check for $1 million.

During the final tribal council, Kenzie persuaded the jury that her social strategy led to her success by forming bonds with each player.

Q and Tiffany voted for Kenzie while Soda and Hunter voted for Charlie.

Who is Kenzie Veurink from 'Survivor' 46?

Kenzie is a 29-year-old from Gibraltar, Michigan who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.

She earned her beauty license as a teenager and has owned her own salon since she was 24. During the final tribal she said that she does not charge beauty stylists to operate at her business and told the jury that the cash prize would allow her to support herself.

Earlier this month, Kenzie revealed on Instagram that she is pregnant, expecting her first child with husband Jackson.

Kenzie Veurink, the winner of Survivor' Season 46.
Kenzie Veurink, the winner of Survivor' Season 46.

Did Kenzie Veurink ever win immunity?

Veurink won two individual immunities on Survivor 46 after losing four consecutive tribal immunity challenges with Yanu.

Her first win was in episode seven with the Bermuda Triangle challenge for immunity and reward. Her second win occurred during the season finale completing an obstacle course and puzzle challenge. She was able to beat Maria Gonzalez with the help of Liz, who ran to the start of the course to help Kenzie solve the combination.

Will there be a 'Survivor' 47?

Season 46 of "Survivor" is set to premiere in September and air Wednesday nights. An exact premiere date has yet to be announced.

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