Wondering What The Cast Of 'Emily in Paris' Has Been Up To? We Found Out

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The 'Emily in Paris' Cast Then And NowCAROLE BETHUEL/NETFLIX - Netflix

Oh la la! Just a few more months and our favourite fictional City of Light residents will be returning to the small screen in the upcoming fourth season of Emily in Paris.

For fans of the show, you're likely full of the same sorts of questions that we are too. Just what will become of Camille and Gabriel? Especially given everything that we learned about her pregnancy? Will that break-up be the last we ever see of Alfie? (Please let it not be true.)


Without spoiling too much of the French fun, we thought it high time that we bridge the gap between now and your next Emily in Paris instalment (the fourth season is estimated for release in December 2024, FYI), which is why we've mined the lives of the actors of our favourite Parisians to see everything they've been up to. It's not as good as the real thing, but hopefully it hits the spot until later in the year. Bisous!

Lily Collins (Emily Cooper) in 'Emily in Paris'

While no stranger to the spotlight (she is the daughter of Genesis drummer Phil Collins and Jill Tavelman), Collins has earned her stripes, particularly since being hurtled fully into the public consciousness by starring in the titular role of Emily in Paris.

In fact, she has become the epitome of when life imitates art, as in 2023 she bought a townhouse in Copenhagen with her husband, Charlie McDowell, after the pair became self-confessed Danophiles while honeymooning in the country in 2021. The result is one not dissimilar to Emily's, in which an American finds themselves creating a home away from home on another continent. In fact, so ingratiated has Collins become in the Danish capital that she was even invited by ELLE Denmark to present the coveted Designer of the Year award at its annual ceremony.

Besides making a home in Copenhagen and acting (McDowell is a screenwriter and filmmaker), the couple are also equal owners of Case Study Copenhagen, a production company established in 2022 that also manages real estate rentals.

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Ashley Park (Mindy Chen) in 'Emily in Paris'

Not only has American actor Park, who plays Emily's best friend Mindy, had recurring roles in hit series Only Murders In The Building and Beef since she joined the inaugural season of Emily in Paris, but she also had a starring turn in last year's American comedy, Joy Ride. She is promised to return in Emily in Paris' fourth outing in the French capital when it graces our screens later this year, and she's also in this year's revival of classic 2004 coming-of-age film, Mean Girls.

In her personal life, however, things haven't always been so plain sailing of late for the star. While ringing in the new year in Thailand, the star fell ill with a suspected case of tonsillitis, which was almost fatal. Taking to her Instagram, the star said, 'While on holiday in December into New Years, what started as tonsillitis spiraled into critical septic shock, which infected and affected several of my organs.'

Park also added that she 'hesitated to share what’s been happening' due to still being 'in the throes of recovery' also thanked the hospital staff in her caption. She wrote: 'I’m deeply grateful to every doctor and ICU nurse who worked tirelessly.'

In good news for fans though, she has been pictured with Collins filming in the French city, meaning she'll be back with a bang for the fourth season.

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Lucas Bravo (Gabriel) in 'Emily in Paris'

Bravo, who rather naturally depicts Emily's other love interest Gabriel, enters Emily's life in the inaugural season of the show as the two learn that not only are they neighbours, they're also wildly attracted to each other.

Emily in Paris marked the French actor's first time playing a role in an American TV series (the series is the brainchild of Sex And The City creator Darren Star), but prior to landing the role in the series, he fronted campaigns for Chanel and starred in a string of hit French TV shows, including Plus belle la vie, T.O.C. and Smart Ass. In yet another turn of life imitating art, he also used to be a sous chef, much like Gabriel himself.

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Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu (Sylvie Grateau) in 'Emily in Paris'

Leroy-Beaulieu plays the effortlessly glamorous head at PR agency Savoir, where her character is less than impressed to learn that she's Emily's new boss. Of course, it's only fitting that alongside her starring role in the Netflix series, Leroy-Beaulieu also starred in hit French series Call My Agent! and hit 1994 French rom-com, Neuf mois.

She also had a role in the fifth season of The Crown, in which she played Monique Ritz, the widow of hotelier Charles Ritz. The story goes that Monique’s husband sold The Ritz in Paris to Dodi Al-Fayed’s father, Mohamed Al-Fayed, in 1979, before Dodi went on to date Princess Diana and died alongside the royal in the fateful August 1997 car crash.

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Lucien Laviscount (Alfie) in 'Emily in Paris'

Not only has Laviscount starred in Emily in Paris since the beginning as Alfie, as the two became the subject of another will-they-won't-they situationship, but he has also been adopted as a Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana darling (gracing the former's FROW at its Milan Fashion Week shows no less), as well as signing onto rom-com This Time Next Year, which will begin filming once he's wrapped on Emily in Paris later this year. In short, he's ready for world domination.

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Camille Razat (Camille) in 'Emily in Paris'

French actor and model Camille Razat starred in French miniseries The Disappearance and crime drama Capitaine Marleau before landing her role as one of Emily's friends in the series.

When she's not learning lines, Razat, who also works as a commercial and editorial model, is also an adopted darling of the fashion world and is a regular on the FROW at Victoria Beckham, Balmain and Givenchy.

Razat is also starring in true crime thriller The Lost Station Girls, a new show coming to Disney+. It’s based on an inquiry into the disappearance of a young woman and the murder of three others in the south of France between 1995 and 2001. Razat will play a leading role in the investigation drama and shooting has begun in the French city of Perpignan.

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Bruno Gouery (Luc) in 'Emily in Paris'

Of course, if Gouery's face seems familiar to you it's most probably because his popularity spiked again after his inaugural turn in Emily in Paris due to his role in the second season of The White Lotus. He is also an esteemed actor in French shows too, having starred in the adaptation of Doc Martin as well as comedies President Alphonse and Super Jimmy.

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