I won't accept being shamed, says Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen doesn't "accept being shamed about anything".
The 37-year-old model - who has Luna, six, Miles, four, and Esti, eight weeks, with husband John Legend - admits that her attitude has changed since becoming a mother of three.
She told PEOPLE: "It's easy confidence-wise, and honestly, a lot of the time, confidence is everything with it. You're just not so on edge and worried and you're also not worried about what other people have to say as much."
Chrissy - who has been married to John since 2013 - is now more confident about her parenting style than ever.
Discussing her new approach, Chrissy said: "You don't take parenting advice from everybody like before. I do not accept being shamed about anything.
"A lot of people think that they're experts on everything, but when you have three of something like that, you know [what you're doing].
"I mean, we've seen everything happen. We've dealt with the stitches. We've had a toe almost come off. We've had broken bones. We've seen it all. It's fine."
Chrissy and John welcomed Esti more than two years after she suffered a pregnancy loss with their son Jack.
In September, John admitted that the pain of losing his son will never "completely go away".
The award-winning musician said: "That pain is never going to completely go away. You're never exactly the same after you lose someone."
Despite this, John and Chrissy have managed to cope with their heartbreak thanks to their other children.
The 44-year-old music star explained: "To have two little ones that we could dote on and nurture and enjoy ... They bring us so much joy.
"We just were able to hold each other through what was a very tough time."