World-first deal! Kylie Minogue 'offered residency for life' in Las Vegas

Kylie Minogue is said to have been offered a "residency for life" in Las Vegas.
The 55-year-old pop star has impressed Michael Gruber, the boss of Sin City's Voltaire nightclub, with her 'More Than Just a Residency' run of shows, so much so he is keen to tie the star down to a longer deal.
A source told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "Michael absolutely loves Kylie and doesn’t want to lose her.
"It is the first ‘residency for life’ where you come and go based on your schedule that has been put on the table in Vegas.
"Usually venues want to lock someone in for a fixed period or have exclusivity when it comes to live shows.
"But when it comes to Kylie, Michael knows he is on to something Golden and he’s put the offer on the table for Kylie to consider."
Kylie began her 'More Than Just a Residency' shows in November, in support of her 16th studio album 'Tension', and they will run until May.
The 'Padam Padam' hitmaker's diary is said to be "jam packed" in the coming months, but she is thought to be considering the "residency for life" offer.
The source added: "She has a repackage of her album 'Tension' coming out, which will include a string of new songs, as well as her headline gig at BST Hyde Park in July.
"Kylie also wants to go on a full arena tour at some point, so being locked in Vegas wouldn’t be an option.
"Michael knows this and has put the offer of the lifetime residency on the table so she can mull it over."
Just days before her Vegas residency began in November, Kylie admitted it had come at a "good time".
She told Music Week: "Vegas seemed to be more for the twilight of one’s career, but in the interim it has had this rejuvenation.
"That is not taking away from what that was, because it has worked so well for people historically.
"But it’s true that it’s pretty happening right now, so I thought it was a good time.
"We would joke that I was definitely going to end up in Vegas. Many years ago - on the 'Showgirl' tour in 2005 - we were saying, ‘This should be in Vegas.’ And then 'Aphrodite' in 2011 should absolutely have been in Vegas.
"It would’ve made way more sense to be there as opposed to packing up precision water fountains in a truck and schlepping them to the next location."