Yankees' Nestor Cortés told by MLB his pump-fake pitch is illegal

Cortés' attempt didn't fool Andrés Giménez, who fouled off the pitch.

Nestor Cortés pulled off a pump fake during his windup while facing Andrés Giménez of the Cleveland Guardians on Sunday. Unfortunately for the New York Yankees pitcher, the move has been deemed illegal.

Major League Baseball told Cortés on Monday that he cannot attempt the move again, beginning with Saturday's start against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Cortés, who is known for pausing mid-windup to offset the timing of hitters, didn't fool Giménez, who ended up fouling off the pitch.

Umpires Mark Carlson did not say anything to Cortés following the pitch, but going forward it would be ruled a ball.

“I’m the only one that’s done it and the only one that will ever do it,” Cortes said via the New York Post. “I’m in the [record] books!”

Yankees manager Aaron Boone was already thinking the pump fake wouldn't last very long in the pitcher's arsenal as soon as he saw it.

“My thought was, it doesn't feel legal," Boone said Saturday. "But pretty funny.”