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Yes, you can buy a portable bidet at Amazon — and this popular pick's down to $10: 'Never felt so clean'

Look, poop happens — and it happens to us all. While you can use all of the toilet paper and wet wipes in the world to clean up after going to the bathroom, nothing gets the job done quite like a bidet. You'll save endlessly on toilet paper rolls, so it's a financially- and environmentally-friendly investment. For all of you bidet-curious folks out there, meet the Brondell GoSpa Travel Bidet. The small, portable — yes, portable — tool is on sale for only $10 right now. Now you can give your bum the royal treatment whenever, wherever.

About the size of your average water bottle, it's so easy to discreetly throw the bum-cleaner in your go-to bag while you're out and about.

$10 at Amazon
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$12 at Walmart

When you hear the word "bidet" you probably think fancy and expensive, right? Well, this portable unit won't run your pockets dry at a sweet $10. It's already affordable at $15, but throw in that 30% discount and you've got yourself a deal. Toilet paper costs around $1 per roll — if you do the math, this guy pays for itself with just 10 rolls.

The portable handheld bidet is a great option for those on the go who don't want to live without their bidet (we get it), especially in places like the United States where bidets aren't the norm. Discreetly take it on long-haul flights, camping and even to work. Plus, not every toilet is compatible with many of the popular bidet attachments out there. If your's isn't, the Brondell makes it so you never have to go bidet-less.

Just fill it with water, screw on the cap, angle the bidet where you want to clean and squeeze! It's incredibly easy. Honestly, you don't even really have to angle because the spray head is already designed to deliver a targeted spray. Plus, the airlock allows for a consistent stream of water after each squeeze.

Brondell bidet emitting a stream of water.
As the age-old saying goes: Once you go bidet, you never go back-det. Sorry, not sorry. (Amazon)

With an impressive 5K+ five-star reviews, it's clear that the Brondell Travel buddy is beloved by both bidet aficionados and newbies alike.

"I'm really surprised by how well this cleans!" shared one bidet-loving reviewer. "I hate to admit it, but it's more consistent, thorough and cleans better than my battery-operated unit that cost six times more. Not exaggerating. It cleans using less water than my installed electric bidet seat! I've never had to do a refill and second wash with it."

"I love this," raved a five-star fan. "I have found that I no longer have to use wet wipes. A couple of gentle squirts and I'm clean. It saves on toilet paper and I have never felt so clean before. It is easy to take on trips. It is the perfect size and the carrying bag makes it all stay together."

"My doctor wanted me to get a bidet for health reasons, but my landlord won't allow even the simplest one to be installed," shared this happy reviewer. "This was my alternative and I'm pleased it was the correct choice on the first try. It's definitely made a difference already for me. And the bonus is that I can take it with me wherever I go — even to work."

Another customer who isn't allowed to install a bidet attachment in their apartment shared: "After months of trying to get re-accustomed to life without a bidet, I finally did some research and purchased this. The stream is powerful enough to feel cleansed afterward, and the design is well done."

While shoppers generally love the bidet, multiple users did have trouble with occasional leakage. "Very easy to use and maintain cleanly," shared one four-star reviewer. "The only downside is the airlock at the bottom of the bottle. While the airlock helps the bottle breathe while squeezing, this seems to be the weak link in the design of this bottle."

And some users found it frustrating that you can't leave water in the bidet while not in use, meaning you need to fill it up every time.

Even though it's not on sale, we can't help but love this mint green shade. 

$15 at Amazon

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