Young Aussie couple's lucky escape after 'ill-timed' kiss

South Australia Police said the couple were lucky to leave the scene without injury.

Two images show the car from the back (left) and the front (right) on its side landing by a resident's fence in Glenelg North, Adelaide, after the couple's 'ill-timed' kiss..
The couple's 'ill-timed kiss' caused the driver to become distracted and the Mazda rolled before landing on it's side in Glenelg North, Adelaide. Source: SA Police

A young couple have miraculously managed to walk away unscathed after the car they were travelling in crashed and rolled onto its side following an early morning 'ill-timed' kiss. The pair were travelling along Tapleys Hill Road in Glenelg North, a coastal suburb in Adelaide, at around 3:15am on Tuesday when the male passenger, 18, leant over and planted a smooch on the 25-year-old female driver.

However, she was attempting to change the song playing from the speakers at the time, the couple told police of the consequential moment. "Officers spoke to the couple, and it was revealed that the driver had become distracted while driving by an ill-timed kiss from the passenger while she was changing the music," police said.

The car subsequently rolled and crashed into street signs before it eventually landing on its side, close to a resident's fence. The pair were forced to clamber out of the vehicle and check themselves for injuries, finding none.

"[The] young couple were lucky to escape injury," police said.

The car crashed into roadsigns and landed on its side. Source: SA Police
The car crashed into roadsigns and landed on its side. Source: SA Police
Police car with it's siren illuminating the couple's crashed car on it's side with red light.
Police arrived at the scene in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Source: SA Police

Police officers arrived at the scene after the incident and the 25-year-old woman was reported for aggravated driving without due care, receiving a court notice which she will attend at a later date.

The passenger was issued an expiation notice for impeding a driver's ability to control a vehicle. The Mazda which they were travelling in was a write-off and was towed away from the scene.

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