Young tourist falls to her death in tragic mugging gone wrong

Alma Bohadana pictured smiling at the camera on a beach.
The 22-year-old was tragically killed an a mugging gone horribly wrong. Source: Jam Press

A young woman has tragically died after falling 15 metres to a painful death while reportedly trying to flee from a mugger while on an extended solo holiday.

Israeli woman Alma Bohadana, 22, was tripping around Brazil when the unthinkable unfolded earlier this week. According to reports by local media, a red car pulled up alongside her and a new travel buddy as they returned from a sightseeing trip on Monday.

According to her companion Dan Hen, one of the car’s occupants demanded that Alma hand over her possessions.

As the mugger advanced towards her, she tried to move away. However in the apparent affray, the young tourist ended up falling over a knee-height barrier on the edge of the elevated road they were travelling on. She then fell about 15 metres to a wooded area below as her assailant and his accomplices fled the scene.

Dan immediately went down the stairs looking for his friend, but he struggled to find her because it was dark and the area was covered in trees. When he found her, she was reportedly crying and screaming in pain. When firefighters reached the scene in Rio de Janeiro, Alma was pronounced dead.

An aerial view shows the Christ the Redeemer statue above Rio.
The tourists were making their way down from the Christ the Redeemer statue when the altercation unfolded. Source: Reuters

Dan had travelled to the Brazilian city with another friend to see Madonna perform in a massive live concert that reportedly attracted more than 1.6 million fans.

They had just met Alma, who was travelling solo through Brazil. She and Dan were making their way back from the Christ the Redeemer statue when the horror unfolded.

Alma sustained several fractures in the fatal fall with her body being transported to the Institute of Forensic Medicine.

According to local authorities, police have interviewed at least three people over the death.

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